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VIP service

VIP service

A more convenient way to travel

VIP Pickup at airport:

These services can be offered at the following airports below as well as at all international airports where this service is available.

  • Stockholm - Frankfurt - Luxemburg - Skopje - Paris
  • Göteborg - Geneve - Malta - Sofia - London
  • Amsterdam - Helsinki - Munchen - Tallin - Nice
  • Barcelona - Krakow - Prag - Wien
  • Dublin - Köpenhamn - Riga - Zurich

Upon departure.

Via Freys you can book Airport VIP service for a comfortable and smooth start to the journey.

VIP service on departure from Stockholm Arlanda Airport means:

  • You and your guests will be met in connection with the VIP entrance at Stockholm Arlanda Airport - separately from the terminals and with the opportunity to drive all the way to the door.
  • Luggage, travel documents and check-in are taken care of by a VIP coordinator. You who arrive with your own car also have the opportunity to book advantageous parking in advance.
  • You and your guests get access to the Airport VIP Service's own, separate security check at the VIP entrance.
  • If time allows, a VIP coordinator will take care of any tax-free shopping for you and your guest. Opportunity to relax or work in one of the VIP rooms while we take care of all practical details before the continued journey.
  • The VIP service includes non-alcoholic drinks, champagne, coffee, tea, snacks, fruit and free access to Wi-Fi.
  • In addition to the lighter form of consumption that is already included, it is possible to order additional food and drink.
  • A VIP coordinator monitors your trip and when it's time to board you will be driven to the plane.
  • Each guest is responsible for holding valid travel documents such as passports, visas, health declarations or the like required by the respective airline and final destination.

On arrival

Welcome your friends or guests directly at the gate and settle down in your VIP room while we take care of all the practical details.

VIP service on arrival at Stockholm Arlanda Airport means:

  • In the company of one of our VIP coordinators, you meet your friends or guests directly at the gate when they get off the plane.
  • Within a few minutes you are comfortably seated in a VIP room, while passport and customs formalities are taken care of. Lighter form of food and drink is included, but it is also possible to order additional food and drink.
  • Luggage is picked up and transported to the VIP room.
  • If you want to stay to hold a meeting or celebrate something special, a room will be arranged for you.
  • When you feel ready, the car you have ordered in advance is driven to the entrance.