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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

The Environment – Our future!

Our commitment to the environment is significant.
Everything we do at Freys Hyrverk is in consideration of the environment - from waste-sorting in our office to running our garage as energy efficient as possible. Naturally, we also use HVO (environmental-friendly and fossil-free diesel) when it’s possible to reduce the pollution. We follow the development of electric cars closely, but unfortunately so far, it’s not yet a realistic alternative for our fleet  

Our environmental policy

  • All our co-workers strive to reduce our environmental impact. We have continued on-going education regarding environmental issues, fuel-reducing and environmentally friendly ways to carry out our vehicles.
  • When we purchase new vehicles, we always choose the highest environmental classification (Euro6 or newer)
  • No car should be older than 3 years
  • When we purchase chemicals and oils, we always use the most environmentally friendly products.
  • The fuel to our vehicles should be environmentally friendly diesel or alternative environmentally friendly fuel. 
  • We demand that our subcontractors have the same high standards as us, to help us, help the environment.
  • We recycle all our waste, both in our office and garage.
  • 98% of our invoices are sent by email.  

Our Environmental goals:

Freys Hyrverk is constantly striving to be Sweden’s most environmentally friendly private chauffeur driven company. Our goal is to deliver a fossil-free transport service by 2025.